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Full Mouth Reconstruction in Honolulu, Hawaii
for Dramatic Results

If most or all of your teeth are misaligned, missing, or beyond saving due to trauma, wear or decay, a full mouth reconstruction might be in order. For those that need full mouth reconstruction treatment in Honolulu, Drs. Do and Choy at Manoa Dental can offer affordable, beautiful results.
Full Mouth Reconstruction 101

Full mouth reconstruction, also called full-mouth restoration, refers to rebuilding or restoring all of your teeth in both jaws. It can involve a wide range of procedures, such as:

  • Full Smile Makeover
  • Restoring worn out teeth
  • Restoring proper bite and balance
  • Restoring healthy TMJ and healthy airway

Dr. Do and Dr. Choy will evaluate you to determine exactly what procedures will benefit you most based on your unique circumstances. The entire process can take as little as 3 months but will provide you with the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, coupled with restored oral health.

Why Full Mouth Restoration?

When most or all of your teeth that are badly misaligned, worn or gone, bone loss accelerates in the jaw through a process known as resorption. This causes positional changes to the gums that make it easier for bacteria to hide and accumulate. It can also cause tension and alignment problems that result in issues such as TMD and chronic headaches. Biting and chewing can be difficult if you have to avoid damaged teeth and can contribute to uneven wear and tear on healthy teeth. Full mouth reconstruction can successfully address all of these complications.

Many patients who are in need of a smile makeover are embarrassed about the appearance of their teeth and shy away from social situations as a result. With a full mouth reconstruction, you can get back a beautiful smile that lets you laugh and interact in a range of everyday and professional settings. Our goal is not only to improve functionality but to boost your overall quality of life.

Restoring Your Smile at Manoa Dental in Honolulu

The team at Manoa Dental knows that only an expert can it do when it comes to full mouth reconstruction. As the first and only woman in Hawaii accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Do has more than two decades of experience in the procedures involved with full mouth reconstruction. Having finished hundreds of smile restoration cases, she is qualified to determine what you'll experience down the road and whether such an intense approach is warranted, but takes the most conservative approach whenever possible.

When you get your full mouth restoration at Manoa Dental, we make it a priority to complete every step correctly the first time. We use the most advanced imaging techniques to get a comprehensive picture of your condition and form a customized treatment plan. With restoration often involving a variety of procedures, we strive to keep an open dialogue with our patients at all times. We take a truly team-oriented approach so you receive best care possible.

Restore Your Smile with Us!

Here is a Testimonial from our patient: 

"A full mouth reconstruction in not a project to be approached lightly. I evaluated cosmetic dentists in Nevada, California and Hawaii, examining web sites, professional affiliations, and publications. At one point I thought I had found the best one, and I travelled to his office in Nevada. But when he proposed to do all the work in one day, I realized my choice was wrong. That was before I found Dr. Keri Do.

My experience at Manoa Dental began with an emergency extraction and preparation for an implant performed by Dr. Malcolm Choy. It is now almost one year later, and my reconstruction has been completed by Dr. Do. The beautiful smile I see in the mirror is amazing.

Dr. Keri Do is a truly gifted artisan and craftsman. She is passionate about the science of dental function and esthetics. She is committed to excellence. I do not believe I could have made a better choice."

Keith Hollenbeck., PhD

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We invite patients who need full mouth reconstruction in Honolulu, Manoa, greater Hawaii, and even outside our beautiful state to explore all we have to offer and to contact our friendly office for a consultation. Get the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve today!

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