Manoa Dental: Providing Exceptional Orthodontic Treatment In Honolulu Hawaii

Orthodontics is a specialty area of dentistry that focuses on fixing misaligned or improperly spaced teeth and problems with how the jaw and other facial structures have developed. The team at Manoa Dental has been providing orthodontics in Honolulu, Manoa, and the state of Hawaii for more than a decade. We welcome you to explore what we can offer to help you achieve a smile that is properly aligned for excellent oral health.

The importance of good orthodontic care

Every tooth in your mouth is like a puzzle piece. If your teeth don't fit together properly, they typically end up bearing more stress and wear down faster. Poor alignment and spacing also can make it harder to brush and floss, leaving room for bacteria to breed. Furthermore, teeth and jaws connect to a large number of other tissues in the face and neck; failing to get orthodontic treatment can result in other problems, such as tension-related migraines and even sleep apnea, a dangerous condition in which you temporarily stop breathing as you sleep.Patient with orthodontic treatment in Honolulu


The team at Manoa Dental applies their orthodontic skills to treat overbite, crossbite, crowding, gaps, bite misalignment, and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

Do you qualify for orthodontic services?

Orthodontic treatments are often easier to apply when patients are young, as teeth and facial structures are still developing. Even so, our office happily provides care to patients of all ages--it's never too late to get a beautiful, functional smile! We evaluate everyone on a case-by-case basis to determine what orthodontic services would be most beneficial for their unique oral health concerns.

We offer many choices for straightening your teeth and can help you select the right treatment, based on your concerns and goals. Our orthodontic treatment options include:

  • Metal Braces
  • Lingual (behind-the-teeth) Braces 
  • Ceramic/Tooth-Colored Braces 
  • Invisalign®
  • ClearCorrect®
  • Six Month Smiles®

At Manoa Dental, we know that orthodontics is much more than just moving teeth. We stress a holistic view and help our patients to see the bigger picture, striving to answer why dental issues are present before we move forward. 

What Makes Our Honolulu Orthodontic Office Different

Dr.Do and Dr. Choy make it a priority to first properly align the jaw due to how TMD relates to dental health. Once we have achieved functional, healthy jaw alignment, we shift our focus to moving teeth into position. Our use of modern, 3-D cone beam imaging offers a significant advantage in this process, showing us detailed images from multiple angles for more comprehensive analysis and diagnosis.

Our Honolulu orthodontists educate patients with tools like before-and-after photos so they can understand their condition and make the best possible choices for themselves. We present every available option, including clear and tooth-colored braces for adults or traditional metal braces for teens and children, explaining the advantages of each available treatment. Through your entire treatment, our guiding philosophies are to complete the procedure right the first time, achieve lasting results, and to prescribe only those procedures you truly need.

Click Here for Before and After photos of our face and smile focused orthodontic treatment. 

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