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couple at the beachOrthodontics is a specialty area of dentistry that focuses on fixing misaligned or improperly spaced teeth. It helps correct issues with how the jaw and other facial structures have developed. Our team at Manoa Dental has been providing orthodontics in Honolulu, Manoa, and the state of Hawaii since 1996. We welcome you to explore the services we offer to help you achieve a properly aligned smile for excellent oral health. Call our office today to learn more about our Oahu orthodontic treatments!


The Importance of Quality Care

woman smiling at the beachEvery tooth in your mouth is like a puzzle piece. If your teeth don't fit together properly, they typically end up bearing more stress and may wear down faster. Poor alignment and spacing can also make it harder to brush and floss, leaving room for bacteria to breed. Furthermore, your teeth and jaws connect to a large number of other tissues in the face and neck; failing to get orthodontic treatment can result in other problems, such as tension-related migraines and even sleep apnea, a dangerous condition in which you temporarily stop breathing as you sleep.

Over time, excessive strain on gum tissue and the bone supporting the teeth can affect the jaw joints leading to headaches or face and neck pain. At Manoa Dental, we enjoy applying our orthodontic skills to treat overbites, crossbites, crowding, gaps, bite misalignment, and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

Reasons to Seek Orthodontics in Hawaii

There are several reasons why you or a family member may seek orthodontic treatment. We have the skillset and experience to address the following situations:

  • Underbite - The lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw
  • Crossbite – One or more upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth
  • Crowding – Involving extra, crooked, or mispositioned teeth
  • Overbite – The lower jaw is shorter than the upper jaw
  • Missing or extra teeth – due to tooth decay, injuries, or inherited problems
  • Overjet (protruding upper teeth) – The top teeth protrude (stick out) beyond normal and are usually associated with a short lower jaw
  • Spacing between teeth – Teeth are missing or may be too small or too large
  • Speech, chewing or biting problems – misaligned teeth cause difficulty eating
  • TMJ disorder - Jaw pain or clicking
  • Airway problems - Sleep breathing disorder or sleep apnea
  • Mouth breathing or swallowing problems – mouth breathing and poor oral posture will lead to malocclusion.

The following conditions primarily impact children:

  • Finger or thumb sucking – These habits can cause protrusion of the upper incisor teeth, and mouth breathing
  • Teeth erupting out of position – Can be guided to proper alignment

How Does an Oahu Orthodontic Treatment Affect My Smile?

Our Manoa dentists will help you understand how your appearance might change after orthodontic treatment so that you know what results to expect. We want to provide you with the insights and information you need to make informed choices regarding your smile. By guiding you through your orthodontic treatment, we hope to craft a beautiful smile that you can take pride in.

What Makes Our Orthodontic Office Different

woman with braces getting a dental checkupDr. Keri Do and Dr. Malcolm Choy make it a top priority to properly align the jaw with a special focus on how TMD relates to dental health. Once we have achieved functional, healthy jaw alignment, we shift our focus to moving your teeth into position. Our use of modern, 3-D cone beam imaging offers a significant advantage in this process by showing us detailed images from multiple angles for more comprehensive analysis and diagnosis.

We strive to educate patients by helping them fully understand their condition. Our team finds the original malocclusion cause and uses tools such as before-and-after photos to highlight the progress made during the treatment. Doing so allows you to make informed choices regarding your dental health moving forwards.

We present every available option, including clear and tooth-colored braces for adults or traditional metal braces for teens and children, and explain each's advantages. Through your entire treatment, our guiding philosophies are to complete the procedure right the first time, achieve lasting results, and to prescribe only those procedures you truly need.

Understanding the Causes of Malocclusion and Bad Bites

At Manoa Dental, we know that orthodontics is about much more than just moving teeth. We stress a holistic view and help our patients see the bigger picture, explaining why dental issues such as malocclusion are present before treatment. For every problem, there is a cause. If the cause of your specific malocclusion is not adequately addressed, the problem will reoccur even after the teeth are aligned.

Effective Manoa Orthodontal Treatments

When you trust Manoa Dental with your smile, you can count on our team to put in the time necessary to guide you to the best Oahu orthodontic treatments for your needs. Dr. Do and Dr. Choy are excited to work with you to create your dream smile! Get in touch with our practice today so we can begin your personalized treatment plan.


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