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At Manoa Dental, we are a patient-focused practice that serves Honolulu and the greater Hawaii area. Our patients often view our practice as a breath of fresh air; from the moment they enter our office, they feel the effects of our treatment philosophy and patient care approach, which is to provide dentistry that benefits the entire body.

Whole-Health Dentistry

Rather than alleviate a toothache or manage the results of dental damage, Dr. Keri Do and Dr. Malcolm Choy actively works to locate the cause of the problem and apply a solution that targets the source. Our teeth, heads, neck, and jaws are all interconnected, and it’s important to treat discomfort in these areas in a way that impacts the body as a whole. A balance between every structure in the head is vital to your wellbeing and we concentrate on finding that balance before anything else. The results of our procedures are pleasing, functional, and pain-free for an overall healthy and beautiful smile.

Creating Your Customized Treatment Plan

We start with an evaluation that pinpoints areas of concern and our staff works alongside each patient to ensure they get the very best care for their needs.  You can expect a personalized treatment that works to enhance your quality of life. Manoa Dental is one of the few practices on the island with cone beam CT, which provides detailed imagery so that Dr. Do can locate any possible dental conditions. With our cause-oriented approach to dentistry, our whole-body focus, advanced technology, and comfortable setting, our staff is able to perform treatment correctly the first time and produce natural, long-lasting results.

Our personalized treatment does not stop with scheduled appointments. We are prepared to handle emergency cases as well. Whether you desire conservative smile enhancements, a dramatic transformation, or a relief from pain, our Honolulu dentists deliver a stunning smile and lasting oral health.

Building Meaningful Relationships

Part of building a meaningful relationship with each of our patients is through education and open dialogue. When patients are able to openly discuss their dental needs and gain a thorough understanding of their treatment options, a relationship built on trust is able to form, allowing patients to feel more comfortable with the outcome of their procedure.

Our staff works exceptionally well with families and kids. Regardless of your age or dental condition, when you come to our dental office, we will take the time to explain every treatment option and develop a tailored plan that meets all of your personal, financial, and scheduling needs. By taking a digital and paperless approach to patient care, we can provide appointments that are more efficient, and allow us to perform only the work that truly is necessary. 

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