Published Articles


Cover: The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Keri Do, D.D.S.


Direct resin veneers: a conservative approach; Aesthetic Dentistry Today. May 2009; Vol 3 No 3.: 13-15 Dr. Keri Do, D.D.S.


The Effects of Mandibular Position on Airway and TMD: A Case Report. International Journal of Orthodontics. Winter 2016; Vol. 27. No. 4: 53-57. Dr. Keri Do, D.D.S.


Comorbidity Class II, OSA, and TMD. International Journal of Orthodontic; Summer 2019; Vol 30. No. 1:15-28. Dr. Keri Do, D.D.S.




Powerline Networking Adaptors Hawaii Dental Association Journal Winter 2016. Dr. Malcolm Choy D.D.S.


Direct Resin Veneer- The Art of Creating a Smile. The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry; Summer 2008; Volume 24, No. 2: 76-82. Dr. Keri Do, D.D.S.

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