My daughter has a large underbite and was referred to Dr. Do by her pediatrician also for TMJ , we are very satisfied with the result , having brace is not just about having a beautiful smile , but also having a healthier life . We are glad we found Dr Do, she is very knowledge!

Kevin C.

I am so thankful I found Dr. Do and her staff at Manoa Dental. I had found Dr. Do after months of searching for a cosmetic dentist on Oahu who could give me the smile I wanted with Lumineers. She was so informative about the differences between Lumineers and veneers, and her attention to detail is really what made me choose her to go through this process with. Dr. Do really customizes your Lumineers to YOU. She doesn't act like, because she's done so many, that she knows better than you and what you want. Dr. Do, Kim, and the rest of her staff are incredibly easy to talk to and I feel like they really listen to your questions and concerns. Dr. Do gives you the impression that you're important to her and your satisfaction in her work is a top priority. We worked TOGETHER to create the smile I wanted and she never acted like my opinion didn't matter.

Another plus was the fact that they offered a payment plan to pay for the Lumineers. Lumineers are definitely not a cheap way to improve your smile and having a payment plan really helped make them affordable for me.

I now see Dr. Do and her staff for all of my dental needs and routine cleaning and I wouldn't change a thing. She's a great dentist and an even better person. She makes me look forward to seeing her again and honestly, who can really say that about their dentist... ;)


Summer I.

My daughter has a large underbite and was referred to Dr .Do by her pediatrician also for TMJ , we are very satisfied with the result , having brace is not just about having a beautiful smile , but also having a healthier life . We are glad we found Dr Do, she is very knowledge!

Kevin C.

Dr. Choy is simply excellent in his work. Just finished my last step of my first implant. From tooth extraction (cracked tooth) to 'sinus lift' (to secure my implant) to post then implant placement - I'm amazed! Little to no pain. No bruising during the sinus lift (a common issue noted on many sites detailing this procedure). Perfect fit on the implant.

Thanks to Manoa's excellent admins - I navigated all the insurance issues with ease.

Bowing in gratitude to all @ Manoa!


Soul D.

I absolutely enjoyed my experience with Dr. Do and her staff at Manoa dental. The office is so clean and nicely decorated and they make you feel very comfortable. Making an appointment was so easy! I'm absolutely in love with my smile. Dr. Do gave me my dream smile.

Taylor M

Best dental experience ever. I'm a new patient and was looking for a dentist near me and found Manoa Dental. The process for scheduling an appt. was so fast and easy, the receptionist did all the work for me, I just needed to tell her my insurance and when I was available to come in easy as that. I just finished my TMJ treatment with Dr. Keri Do and am so happy with my result. She has so much knowledge and experience with TMJ that making my decision to go with treatment was easy to decide. She not just fixes my TMJ but made my teeth straighter and changed my profile at the same time so really, I just got a 3 in 1. After the treatment I decided to do my dental implants with Dr. Choy, he was there checking on my teeth during my TMJ treatment to make sure I was on track with my spacing for implants. I just love how this office communicates to make sure there's no misunderstanding with their patients' treatment. I ended up doing 2 implants at once, the procedure went by that I was able to finish a movie and didn't feel a thing. He was so gentle that I didn't have any swelling or bruising, I was back at work the next day. I would recommend this office to anyone. Thank you, Dr. Do and Dr. Choy.

Bella P

A full mouth reconstruction in not a project to be approached lightly. I evaluated cosmetic dentists in Nevada, California and Hawaii, examining web sites, professional affiliations, and publications. At one point I thought I had found the best one, and I travelled to his office in Nevada. But when he proposed to do all the work in one day, I realized my choice was wrong. That was before I found Dr. Keri Do.

My experience at Manoa Dental Care began with an emergency extraction and preparation for an implant performed by Dr. Malcolm Choy. It is now almost one year later, and my reconstruction has been completed by Dr. Do. The beautiful smile I see in the mirror is amazing.

Dr. Keri Do is a truly gifted artisan and craftsman. She is passionate about the science of dental function and esthetics. She is committed to excellence. I do not believe I could have made a better choice.


Keith Hollenbeck., PhD

"A lot of people look at testimonials and say 'I wonder how much they paid them to say that?' I can honestly say that not only my testimonial but my results are 100% real! From the age of 11 I didn't like that my teeth were crooked. For over 20yrs I was ashamed to smile and I shyed away from certain people and activates in my life because of it. I was very skeptical about getting cosmetic surgery there are just too many Dr.'s to choose from. After looking online in the Honolulu area for about 2months I decided to start getting consultations to see what could be done about my crooked smile! From the moment I walked in I was amazed not only by the service of the staff but how knowledgeable Dr. Do was about the questions I had about my teeth. She was very easy to talk to and she explained how the whole process worked. By the time I left her office I knew that I wanted her as my doctor. From beginning to end the procedure was a success and the results were amazing. Thank you so much for making my whole dental experience the best I have ever had! You have helped me regain a new confidence about myself that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Thank you!"

~Shaun M.

"When I came to Hawaii, I knew I needed a dentist. Of all the many places that were here, I decided to look into Invisalign. It turned out that for the condition of my teeth, I would actually need something a little more. For one thing, I needed to find out the extent of my cavities, gums, and everything. I knew that eventually I would have people looking and poking around my mouth, but because my teeth were so bad, I said to myself it's now or it's never!

I spoke with the receptionist, and she seemed so sweet and helpful. Then finally we set up an appointment for my first visit, needless to say, I was terrified. Than I met him.......The man, the dentist, the actual person that will change my Life.

When I met Dr. Choy I was afraid to open up my mouth, but his patience and tender understanding actually gave me a sense of trust that it was gonna be okay.

The best thing about it was he didn't make me feel bad about my then "horrible" smile. I did that all by myself. Dr. Choy and Dr. Do helped me! They all helped me through my transition from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan:-)

I thank God today, and everyday for Dr. Choy and Dr. Do, their very well trained Receptionist who's voice reached out and somehow said to me "its going to be okay". Today it is.

I tell my co-workers, boyfriend, and my kids, "I love my dentist", and I just Praise Dr. Choy for his amazing work and transformation on me. I say "Now I can Live"!

Thank you so much Dr. Choy, Dr. Do, & the awesome staff."

Most Respectfully,

~Annette M.

Going to the dentist has been one of my greatest fears. Maybe that’s why I purposely have been avoiding it for so many years until one day my teeth and gums could no longer handle the agony of pain.

I took a leap of faith and walked into Dr. Do’s office. Though we share a very cool last name, Dr. Do had to earn my trust.

I remembered my very first day with Dr. Do and her ohana. While sitting on the chair, we conversed about our personal lives and laughed like we have been friends for a long time. Once Dr. Do started working on my teeth, her humming calmed me down and her gentleness in handling my teeth took my anxiety away. Next minute I knew I went through my very first appointment with Dr. Do with such ease. She met my needs in a very caring way.

Now I look forward to seeing Dr. Do and her ohana. It’s like a little family visit every time I go.

In addition to Dr. Do’s care for her patients, her professionalism as a dentist is remarkable. Before I didn’t like to smile that much especially when taking pictures. Now I feel comfortable within myself and proud to show my happy smile. They often say “a smile goes a mile. “ My smile reaches out to others especially to the most important little people I work with, my students.

Thank you so much, Dr. Do, from the bottom of my heart. One day when I have a family of my own, you know where they will be going to get their teeth check. :)


Love –

Juile D.

I’ve received the best dental care from Dr. Do. She has a perfect attitude and puts her clients at ease with interesting conversation, music, videos, etc. I say clients because I’ve had Dr. Do work on my sister who is 90 years old and two grandson—26 & 23 years old.

We all agree that she works efficiently and is so fast that time passes by quickly & with less discomfort. I’ve recommended Dr. Do to my close friends and two of them have had appointments so far.

My own dental treatment has changed my smile (with total upper & lower dental work). Age is no factor (I’m 82) when it comes to health; every effort is worth it and brings rewards.


Hilda Thomas

Aloha Dr. Do and Staff.

I would like to share my story as well as my happiness with you. In July of 2007, my life had a dramatic change. I had gotten involved in a domestic argument with my ex boyfriend who knocked out all the front teeth of my mouth. I was immediately traumatized. I wanted to believe that it was all a bad dream but eventually reality checked in and I was left without a smile. I was very ashamed and didn't want anyone to see me. I refused to go anywhere where I knew anyone and life for me became very lonely, sad, and isolated. Depression finally set in and I was miserable. I had no self-esteem and no desire to persevere. When I did decide to go out, I could hear the laughs, whispers and constant stares. It became part of my life. I began to slowly accept the fact that I wasn't going to smile again because I just couldn't afford it.

One afternoon while I was checking my mail, I decided to browse through the dentistry department and so god help me I came across GBAS. I was so ecstatic and had a grin on my face because now I had HOPE. I filled out the forms and finally I got the call that I had been waiting for.

It was then that I had the honor to meet Dr. Do and her wonderful staff.. Immediately they made me feel secure and appreciative. It is because of the AACD and the Giving Back A Smile Foundation that gave me hope and a desire to move on. They made me feel important but most of all, I was finally able to SMILE AGAIN. I will always remember what they did for me but most of all for giving me a second chance in life and allowing me to conquer my goals and dreams.


Much Love and Warmest Aloha,


Tricia R.

I was referred to Dr. Do at Manoa Dental Care by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Do is kind and caring. I really felt that she had my best interest at heart. It’s nothing short of miraculous! I can smile and laugh freely again without feeling self-conscious! God Bless you!



Susan R.

Nearly a decade ago I had orthodontic braces to straighten my teeth. It took me a while to notice that, while my teeth were straight, my bite and smile had been altered so that my teeth were not visible when I smiled. So I always smiled with a closed mouth. I finally decided to talk with Dr. Do about fixing my smile. She balanced my bite and lengthened my teeth so that now I can smile confidently. The procedure was great and I am so glad I finally got my smile fixed. Thanks Dr. Do!


Craig H. , Film-TV

I have had a great experience with Dr. Keri Do at Manoa Dental Care. She took the time during each visit to explain each step and discuss whatever I had questions about. My lingual braces turned out successful and better than my expectations. I am very happy with the results. Her office staff were all super friendly and nice as well. :)


Lisa C.

When I first visited Manoa Dental Care I knew I was in the right place. With my first consultation, I felt like I was visiting family, the staff is friendly, the atmosphere relaxing, and I could get all my dental services in one place. Mahalo Dr. Do and Dr. Choy for all the work you have done to make me smile again. As a teacher, your smile is very important to your work and when I lost a tooth, I was embarrassed to get in front of the class each day to teach with a gap in my smile. Dr. Do and Dr. Choy explained in detail my many options and I ultimately chose an implant. Every visit back, I thank Dr. Choy for not only the painless and professional procedure, but for my new tooth. If you can love a tooth, I gave me back my smile and confidence to be in front of the class.


A smiling grateful teacher, Rochelle

Thank you is only a small measure of my gratitude for the impeccable work Dr. Do did on my teeth. I am deeply touched with the incredible outcome of the transformation performed by Dr. Do.

Dr. Do’s expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry is phenomenal. Her work is of the highest quality and of the greatest satisfaction to me. She accomplished everything to my specifications which surpassed my expectations. She took time in answering all my questions thoroughly, taking into consideration of what I really wanted. Dr. Do’s professional chair-side mannerisms, her gentle/skillful ability in her work and her pleasant voice contributed to the comfortable and wonderful experience during the process of my dental treatment. Dr. Do demonstrated remarkable ability to cope with unexpected situations, which she resolved in a minimal amount of time. She graciously accommodated me in regards to scheduling of my appointments at my convenience. This gesture was appreciated greatly. Her staff members were supportive and brought a calming atmosphere throughout the office. They were very knowledgeable in their tasks and considerate in making my visits enjoyable.

My life has changed immensely. I am extremely elated that I can forever spark a “winning smile to die for” anytime, anywhere!

May Dr. Do be blessed abundantly as she has blessed me with a new confidence in life.



"I was very impressed with the service I received from Dr. Keri Do and her staff. They were more than helpful and I am very pleased with the end result. Before I got my teeth fixed I never smiled for cameras or if I did I never showed my teeth. I would just smirk. But now I can’t help smiling all the time and people have noticed it. I have the confidence to smile and laugh now when I want to instead of holding back because I was so ashamed of my teeth. I was hesitant at first to get my teeth fixed because I heard that they could be quite pricey and I didn’t have the patience for braces. Dr. Do worked with me with what I can afford and how much time I had to get it done. I couldn’t be more happier with what I got and I can honestly say that I have no regrets. Thank you Dr. Do and staff for being so helpful throughout the process and for my new smile that I can be proud of."


Kristine J.

"Even though my teeth were straight, they were small, yellowy and slanted inwards. Smiling would cause my top lip to curl under resulting in a contorted facial movement that resembled more a baring of the teeth than a pleasant expression. People didn’t seem to respond positively or want to smile back. My new teeth are so beautiful! It’s not just that my teeth are symmetrical, aligned, larger and white. They FIT. My teeth fill my mouth perfectly so that I may smile now with ease and confidence. Now I have a smile that makes other people smile.

"Thank your Dr. Do and the wonderful staff at Manoa Dental Care for the care I received while getting my smile makeover. Dr. Do’s amazing attention to detail and love of her work shines though in artistic detail. The staff of dental assistants and office professionals made the dental visit orderly, comfortable and efficient. It was a pleasure to be a patient at Manoa Dental Care."



"I've been going to Manoa Dental Care for many years and have always been pleased with the care that I've received. Dr. Do's attentive chair-side manner is always comforting, and although I ask a lot of questions, she's always willing and able to share the most up-to-date relative technical information with me too. As one of those patients who always needs to know everything about his treatments, I'm confident that I'm getting the very best dental care available today."


~Jason Keoni Verity

Dr. Do and Staff,

"Thank you so much for all the work you did on my teeth. When I first started looking for a dentist to work on my teeth, it was just to correct my gums. I saw your website and we had that initial consultation. After talking with you, I decided to get the veneers. I didn't know exactly what to expect, but after the finished product, I couldn't have been more pleased. More than once since you did work for me, people have complimented me about how nice my teeth are.

"If I had to endure hours of pain to get them to look that nice, it would totally be worth it. But that is where it seems so wrong. Coming in for a visit is really a pleasurable experience. Your staff is always friendly and I can tell you enjoy the work you do. Having the movie goggles and relaxing chair makes me forget where I am, and time seems to go by quickly in your office.

"I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you have put into making my smile what it is, and every time someone compliments my teeth, I will think of you."




"I didn't realize the impact that a smile has on your life.

Before doing this treatment I had no self confidence at all, now I find myself with a smile on my face all the time. Dr. Do has made such a wonderful difference to my teeth I never thought I could get them looking as good and natural as they are now. Thanks to all the girls for their support and encouragement too, Very many thanks."



"Dr. Do did a fantastic job on improving my smile. She was very comprehensive and thorough throughout the entire process and meticulous about making my smile natural and beautiful. I would recommend her to family and friends for regular and cosmetic dental procedures."



"Most of my life I was never comfortable with my smile. My teeth had white stains on them and because of that I was always been self-conscious about smiling or even to have long conversations with other people I was very uncomfortable. Having this quick and painless procedure done I am now so much happier and I am no longer ashamed to SMILE!

Thank you Dr. Do and the staff at Manoa Dental care. You have changed my life!"



To Dr. Do and her amazing staff!

"Thank you so much for making my whole dental experience the best I have ever had! For 20 years I was ashamed to smile and I shy away from certain people and activities in my life. You have helped me regain a new confidence about myself that will stick for the rest of my life. Thank you!"


~PhaShaun M.

I finally have perfect teeth!

Ever since I can remember, teeth has always been a personal issue for me, because of the fact that I have never been completely satisfied with my own teeth. Although, I did have braces and my teeth were basically straight, I always felt by size, they weren't big enough, by shape, not square enough and by color, not white enough. After years of flipping through fashion magazines I absolutely wanted a perfect smile. To be quite honest, I wanted teeth that looked like....Garfield! And now thanks so very much to Dr. Keri Do and Lumineers, she made it possible!

My experience with Dr. Do and her staff has been truly uplifting. I say this because of how comfortable the office felt, serene and quaint, never hurried, how friendly and attentive the staff was at every visit and most of all how genuinely caring Dr. Do has been through my Lumineer procedure. It was painless, quick, even relaxing...most of all the end result has been completely gratifying. I am now in family pictures instead of just taking them! I have been so very happy and extremely pleased with my new Lumineers!

I thank Dr. Keri Do, from the bottom of my heart, for making it happen!



Aloha Dr. Do,

I would like to thank you in writing for the fine dental care that you provide. I have learned so much from my office visits for teeth cleaning and for the
correction to my TMJ problems. I see that we hold similar beliefs in preventative dental care and I appreciate the careful attention that you provide with your dental treatments.

As for the work that you have done to address my TMJ problems, I am amazed at how beautiful and real my teeth look, especially the two front teeth. I know that I still need additional work, but with just the work that you have done so far, I definitely have an improved bite, speech and teeth alignment.

Mahalo for your professional dental care.


~Denise M.

Hello All,

Well, it has been few months now since I had work done to my teeth and I think it is "working." Now that my bite is lined up, my wife says that I don't grind my teeth when I sleep (and forget to put the night guard on), but more importantly I don't snore anymore. My wife also said that my speech is a lot clearer and less mumbled. However that came about isn't important, but the fact that it did is good enough for me. So, for that reason alone, the procedure was worth it.

Also, the procedure itself was also really outstanding. Everything was laid out in advance so I knew what was going to happen in the order that it would happen and everything followed smoothly. The staff was great and Dr. Do was always very personable so it made the process all that much better.

Well, that is about it. I would recommend this procedure to anyone with a "crooked" jar problem like I had.



I would sincerely like to thank Dr. Do and her wonderful staff at Manoa Dental Care, for their exceptional service during my smile make-over visits. Dr. Do's artistic talent in cosmetic dentistry really shows with my new brighter smile. I would definitely recommend Dr. Do for all of your dental needs. It is so nice to have a Dr. that listens and addresses any concerns a patient may have. Thank you so much Manoa Dental Care. Now I can smile with true confidence!



Thank you so much for all that you've done for me.

Since having my bite balanced, my bite has been greatly improved. The balancing has virtually eliminated the clicking and locking I had previously experienced, and eating has become much more comfortable. I can now comfortably chew on both sides of my mouth, and simple things like cutting pasta and other soft foods with my front teeth
are now possible.


~Ryan U.

I have found Dr. Keri Do to be one of the most caring, companionate dentists the island of Oahu has. She has given me the confidence to be able to smile with pride. Her professionalism and knowledge makes her stand out amount her peers. She truly cares about each of her patients and takes pride in her work. The individual attention she shows her patients is truly amazing and rarely seen today by any doctor. I would recommend her to anyone.


~Janice D.

Just a note to thank you and your staff for the excellent care I received! I really appreciate all you did to keep my teeth happy! Thank you so much!


~Ruth Ann H.

Hello everyone, I just wanted to send an email to thank you guys for the wonderful care and work you have done for me over the last 4 years. I used to hate going to the dentist, now I look forward to it. It feels like catching up with old friends every time I have an office visit. I love the convenience of the Manoa Shopping Center location. Working all the time and also going to UH, it is nice to know that it is easy to make an appointment. I don't have to make an appointment months in advance at inconvenient times. Carol does a wonderful job making appointments that fit around my schedule.

In addition to the wonderful office staff, I think Dr. Do and her staff do wonderful dentistry. I was very impressed with the state of the art equipment used. Working as an RN at Queen's Medical Center, I appreciate professionals that like to be leaders and innovators in their profession. I like the fact that Dr. Do invests in using the most cutting edge digital technology in dentistry. She is always attending conferences to improve her knowledge base in Dentistry.

It is one thing to be book smart and have a bunch of fancy equipment, but it is another thing to be able to use that knowledge and technology to do fantastic work. Most people that are book smart are usually lacking in their caring and compassion towards their patients. Dr. Do has a wonderful "bedside manner" and has wonderful communication and "people skills." She has a great sense of humor and a keen ability to make people feel relaxed. I used to be really anxious having to get shots and have equipment and drills in my mouth. Dr. Do has a real gentle dexterous touch and explains everything she is doing.

I have an interest in sculpture and fine arts. I always tell Dr. Do that she is an artist. She is really meticulous in making your smile aesthetically pleasing. I like the way she incorporates digital photography so that you have instant feedback on the work "before" and "after".

Being a movie junkie, I like how Manoa Dental Care uses the movie glasses so you can watch a movie while you have dental work performed. It is a nice distraction and I often joke around how I don't want to leave when my appointment is done and try to come back so I can watch more movies.

I strongly recommend Dr. Do and Manoa Dental care to anyone who asks me about a dentist. As a medical professional I like to recommend people who are the best.

Thank you again and Aloha,


~Joshua N.

I needed a tremendous amount of work done on my teeth, both cosmetically and for health reasons. I knew if I didn't find the right dentist I would be terribly disappointed by the outcome. For two years I search for someone, both on the mainland and here in the islands, that I could trust to restore health to my teeth and to create a smile that would allow me to finally spontaneously express joy and laughter without the fear and embarrassment I had suffered for years. Finding Dr. Do was the perfect answer to every issue and concern I had. I had a very specific budget to work with and very clear ideas about what I wanted my outcome to be. Dr. Do was very sensitive to both these conditions and worked with me to achieve exactly what I wanted.

I loved going to my appointments. Beyond Dr. Do's incredible cosmetic, aesthetic and overall health dentistry expertise, she is just plain good fun to be around! While I was receiving the many treatments required to give me my beautiful, healthy smile, I was always cared for and treated in a very considerate and personal way by all the Manoa Dental Care staff.
Thank you, Dr. Do, for changing my life. My results have been miraculous.
With deep appreciations,



Dr. Do has provided me with excellent general dental health care, orthodontic and cosmetic dental services for the past 13 years. She provides instructions for follow-up care and takes the time to answer questions which have made me more aware and pro-active concerning my dental health. Dr. Do and her staff are caring and helpful professionals. The new office is easily accessible in Moiliili with reserved parking spaces right next to the office. The office decor is pleasant and comfortable.



I've been going to Manoa Dental for 30 years, since it was up in Manoa. Now with Dr. Keri Do & Dr. Malcolm Choy it went from a very small hideaway operation to a very modern, professional and stylish business that I am proud to call my dentist office. I first went there as a UH student because it was super close to campus, now I live in Kailua, but still keep going back over the hill because I feel comfortable with them. I've been meaning to write a review for awhile, I guess years pass in the blink of an eye.... or a brush of the teeth. ha, anyway... nice folks

Shawn H

I used to hate going to the dentist until I came to Manoa Dental. I come here for cleanings, fillings, orthodontics (especially with my TMJ), etc. They do almost everything. Plus they have plenty parking. Dr. Do is super knowledgeable and very skilled. Everyone here makes you feel comfortable and they keep you informed about the details of your visit. I've come so often now it kind of feels more like I'm just going to meet some friends than going to the dentist lol


Chochika M.

Just returned from Manoa Dental after a sinus augmentation procedure (in preparation for an implant). Once again I'm absolutely grateful for Dr. Choy's seasoned skills combined with an Assistant who made the entire procedure one of ease.

Also a shout-out to- receptionist and her assist the insurance pre-auth's - priceless! Thanks again!


Soul D.

"Hi Dr. Do,

You probably don’t remember me, but you did my porcelain veneers back in 2007. My family left the island in 2010 and I’ve seen several other dentists since then. Just wanted to let you know that EVERY dentist I have seen commented on how great my veneers are, so thank you!! :)


Paige W.

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