Headaches and Migraines Treatment


We Offer Treatment for Headaches and Migraines Caused TMJ Disorder and TMD in Honolulu, Hawaii

Do you routinely have unexplained headaches or persistent facial pain? You may have an undiagnosed TMJ disorder.

Long-time sufferers of headaches or migraines may finally find some relief from TMJ treatment. If you have TMJ disorder, the unbalanced stress on your jaw can cause sudden or severe headaches on one or both sides of your head, neck or even your back. Headaches are the most frequent symptom from patients that know or do not know they have TMJ disorder.   

When your TMJ is in normal use, it works in conjunction with numerous muscles in harmony. However when it is unbalanced, the stronger side must compensate for the weaker side which leads to overworked muscles potentially anywhere in the body, but most commonly in the head or neck, especially the temples, or around your ears.

An improperly aligned TMJ can also put increased pressure on nerves surrounding it which triggers pain as well. This pain is even more difficult to ignore as it can spread to more than one area along the nerve of the TMJ.

Dr. Keri Do has trained extensively to treat any pain or discomfort her patients may experience from TMJ disorder. Give us a call today to schedule a consult and see what she can do for you. 

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